Speech and Language Therapy Services in Surrey/ Hampshire/ West Sussex borders

impossible mediumWho do I see: I see children aged from birth to 11 with Speech, Language and Communication needs. They may have needs in the following areas: attention and listening, play, social communication and interaction, understanding spoken language, unclear speech sounds, stammering etc.

Where: I am based in Haslemere and I see children in and around Surrey/ Hampshire/ West Sussex borders. Please do email or call me to see if I can see your child in your area.

What to expect: I can see your child quickly, give them the time they need for therapy sessions and make sessions fun and motivating to your child. Also therapy doesn’t stop when my sessions ends. I work with all those closely involved with your child’s development. Together we learn to understand your child’s Speech, Language and Communication Needs better and in turn jointly help your child to progress in all areas of life.

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When to refer: Every child is an individual and does not develop at exactly the same pace. Developmental milestone provide useful guidance by offering approximate ages and stages.

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Effective communication skills don’t just happen. They need to be actively developed and nurtured from infancy, throughout a child’s life and educational journey” (The Communication Trust: Our Strategy 2013-2017).Early intervention is not only essential to good communication and personal interactions, but also for a successful educational journey.

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