“Zara was recommended to me by another therapist who was emigrating. My son started stammering from a very early age and as his vocabulary developed, his stammer worsened. Zara introduced us to the Lidcombe Program, an intense treatment but an extremely successful one. Together we started his treatment, and one year on he has started school and no longer has a stammer.
Zara has an amazing ability to put both parent and child at ease, her lovely nature certainly reduced my anxiety and J became very fond of her. He looked forward to her weekly visits at our home, was unaware that he was being treated, and the results speak for themselves.
What started off being quite a stressful and worrying time has resulted in a hurdle overcome, and it's all thanks to her expertise and professionalism. Zara continues to contact me asking if J is remaining fluent."    Mrs D (Mum of J)

“A year ago, our 3 year old boy was struggling to be understood by others and this was greatly affecting his self-confidence and self-esteem. Zara helped our son enormously and provided support and reassurance for us as parents as well. Our son responded well to her friendly, positive and caring manner and he looked forward to his speech therapy sessions with her. The progress he has made is amazing and we are very grateful for all that she has done for our son. His confidence has grown immensely and he will now initiate conversations with others and can be easily understood. Thank you so much, we appreciate everything you have done and my little boy is now ready for school in September."    Mrs O (Mum of O)

“S has been seeing Zara (Mrs Humphry) for the past year. S has always felt very happy with Zara and treats her as a friend. She often asks when she will be visiting.
S has progressed greatly in the past year, she has greater understanding and use of language.
Zara gave both us and the nursery she attended many ideas to help in S's progress.
Zara is highly recommended by us."   Mrs H (Mum of S)

"I asked Zara to assess my daughter as I was worried that her speech would hold her back when she started school. I found Zara to be extremely knowledgeable and reassuring, but more importantly my daughter loved her sessions. The sessions involved playing lots of games and Zara also gave us ideas to play at home. We were discharged last week, after three short blocks, as my daughters speech had improved so much. I would recommend her very highly."  Mrs M (Mum of R)

“ I would like to thank you for the work you did with J. You really helped him and his speech improved with the method you used. It felt like a friend was coming to play rather than the fact he was having a speech therapy session. You made him feel relaxed and not frightened or aware that he was in fact having "treatment". He looked forward to your visit. You also made me feel calmer about his problem with his speech and felt there was something we could do. You were able to explain the technique well so that I could follow up with him between sessions. The follow up emails summarising what had happened in the session and the plan until your next visit was really helpful. I always felt that if I needed support you would be there. Even now J asks when you are going to come to play and we look forward to bumping into you in Haslemere.
I would not hesitate in recommending you to other people and if anyone would like a reference I am more than happy to provide one.
Thank you so much for your help with J."    Mrs S (Mum of J)

“Zara has been so much more than a speech and language therapist....she has helped E to make amazing progress with his speech, but also inspired a confidence and enthusiasm in him that speaks louder than words. We are truly grateful."   Mrs R (Mum of E)

“Zara has worked so well with my son. She has a natural style with children, which puts them at ease, as well as being a highly effective speech therapist. Coupling games with speech therapy really engaged my child, and we could hear the difference extremely quickly. I would highly recommend Zara.”    Mrs S (Mum of G)

"Zara has been working with our 5-year-old daughter for the last 6 months to help her with her speech difficulties. Our daughter has really enjoyed her sessions and indeed, looks forward to them as she makes the sessions fun. Zara has managed to instill an awareness in our daughter of her speech issues but without causing her to be embarrassed or self-consciousness about it. Over the last 6 months there has been a noticeable improvement in our daughter’s speech. Furthermore, Zara has been extremely professional in all our dealings with her and provided us with excellent feedback after each session and given us further material to use to support her work at home. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zara to other parents." Mrs P (Mum of E)

"Zara has worked with both my children for over 3 years. Both children anticipate their sessions with real enthusiasm. Zara gives the children age appropriate games and works with a tablet at times (which is very popular!). Her feedback (verbal & written) is incredibly thorough and professional. She has given me tips on how to work with the children, and easy to use worksheets which are both fun and age appropriate. Both children were thumb-suckers and have made considerable improvements. Zara has some fantastic software showing very clearly how the tongue and lips work together.. One of the main things I remain so impressed about, is how they have remained enthusiastic to try new sounds, work on them and persist until they get it right from a young age. I think this is due to Zara's positive approach. She is a lovely person & I would highly recommend her as a real expert in her field." Mrs O (Mum of S and S)

"Zara has been working with our 4 year old son for the past six weeks, who had been stammering for just over a year. Zara’s sessions were always relaxed, comfortable and open and allowed us to address how we could help H together as a family. They also gave us the confidence and reassurance that we could make a difference by making small changes at home. The techniques and methods we used were always clearly explained to us so we able to introduce them at home in between the sessions. H never felt like he was being assessed or treated and looked forward to seeing Zara each week. H’s speech has improved greatly over the course of the sessions, which has therefore improved his confidence both at home and at nursery. I would have no hesitation recommending Zara and thank you for your help." Mrs M (Mum of H) 

"We were concerned about our daughter's speech as she headed into Reception, worried that she would fall behind with her phonics, we asked around for recommendations of speech therapists. I was recommended Zara from two separate people. I was initially concerned that my daughter might find it stressful to have so much focus on her speech. Luckily Zara had a play-based approach, and my daughter absolutely loved her. Most importantly her speech improved significantly after a few sessions with Zara. I could not recommend Zara highly enough." Mrs J (Mum of C)

"Our four year old daughter was referred for speech and language help by her reception class teacher as she struggled to say certain sounds (particularly 'g'). We received an appointment letter from the NHS that said there was a long delay in seeing patients and a friend recommended Zara. We were unsure whether to go ahead with private speech and language help for our daughter because her difficulties were not severe and she could make herself understood even though she mispronounced words. I spoke to Zara who took time to listen to the problem and who seemed to understand immediately what needed to be done. She did not put any pressure on us to go ahead with the work and was just very straightforward and matter of fact. We decided to go ahead and we are absolutely delighted that we did. Our daughter loved seeing Zara each week and really looked forward to the sessions. Zara kept us and our daughter's teacher informed of everything and our daughter made brilliant and very fast progress. Our daughter was learning phonics during reception and being able to pronounce the letters correctly no doubt helped her enormously and gave her more confidence. It just nipped any problems in the bud. We are very grateful for all Zara's help and would very much recommend her."  Mrs N (Mum of E)

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